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     As you have probably already noticed, there is this intense interest, or even passion for those old farm relics that we respectfully call "tractors". I have heard it said,  "that you don't have to be an eccentric, (whatever that means), to be a tractor collector", but it sure helps.
     I would like to introduce myself here as an ordinary person that has had the fortune of growing up and being a part of this ongoing drama of the tractor developing era. My wife, Lenora, and I went bowling with some friends on our first date together back in the fall of 1944, and were married two and a half years later in the spring of 1947. After hearing that we were going to be celebrating our 54th wedding anniversary, someone asked us, "and your still friends"? Our immediate family consists of five children, two boys and three girls, fourteen grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and another on the way
     The major portion of my workaday world, centered around farm equipment sales and service. But, since the mid 80's, through a series of circumstances, we now have been involved in a new, developing, high desert area of south central Oregon. We grow alfalfa hay using circle irrigation on what only a short time ago was nothing but an expanse of sage brush growing area. Warkentin Farms is now run by the next generations, but there are times that I'm extended the courtesy of pulling rank, or even "invited" to help run a baler.
     Christmas Valley Community Church is a vital part of this "raw community" life, and it is also a vital part of our own family life. My personal interest in being involved in starting a missionary work in Russia, after the collapse of the former Soviet Union, goes back to a heritage of having grandparents that came to America from Russia back in the late 1880's. Lenora and I, spent the winter of 1993 in the Far East of Russia, and have made numerous trips to the area since. Currently, "Far East Regional Ministries" (FERM), is involved in a multifaceted work of supporting "Evangelism", "Church Building", and "Humanitarian Work". This is primarily through a former Underground" church, but now is registered as part of the "Baptist Union", to make it "legitimate" in Russian standards. Our oldest grandson Jeremy, and his wife Janell Warkentin, are the "Couriers", that are now the liasons between here and there, making the trips once or twice a year to oversee and encourage the work that's being done. "FERM" has been set up as a "Non-Profit" Foundation, to be a vehicle to help fund the projects.
     The question that I am anticipating is -- how is all this related to "Antique Tractors"? There is a connection between my "Deep Feelings" for the work in Russia and my "Passion" for those "Pioneer Memories" called tractors. It was a dream that by buying and selling and even restoring some of these treasures of the past, money could be generated to fund the many projects that we are already involved in, and at the same time have the fun of working with these units and even meet so many people that enjoy these same things.
  Since starting this about a year ago, we now have accumulated around 50 tractors of various vintages, in different stages of restoration and in all shapes and sizes. A few units have been donated and come from different areas, for which we offer tax deductible receipts. All money generated goes directly to the work that it is designated for. We would welcome any donations of any "barnyard treasure" that you might have available.
     We would be glad to answer any further questions you have, and it is our goal to be an honor to the Lord Jesus in everything we do.
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